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You’ll certainly need euros when visiting Europe for a pleasure or business trip. You’ll also need to ensure you’re not paying too much for the privilege of spending. We’ve put this guide together so that you can keep the cost manageable without regretting your trip.

Is It Possible To Get Good Exchange Rates?

Check out the above calculator we provide. Make sure you understand what the current currency exchange rates are. These rates will change daily. Keep an eye out for fluctuations, and try to get in when the prices are best for your budget. Just don’t wait too long. Your best option is to lock in a price now and save yourself a future headache.

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1. Order online with our 5 minute, convenient process.


2. Your currencies will be delivered to your home within 5 business days.

We take pride in making this process as simple as possible for you, but we also urge you not to wait. Place your order if you already have a trip planned for the future, and ensure that your rates aren’t vulnerable to continual market changes.

How Many Euros Should I Take With Me?

The amount of time you’re gone for and whether or not you’ll be working should be factors to consider. You want to take enough while having some cushion space for the unexpected. Just don’t let the rates force you to pay more than necessary.

It might be helpful to consider at least €242.00/person/day.

Average Hotel Rates:

  • - Berlin: €93.90
  • - Amsterdam: €143.00
  • - Barcelona: €163.00
  • - Paris: €150.00

Taxi Ride From The Airport To The City:

  • - Berlin: €29.00 (34mins/29km)
  • - Amsterdam: €39.00 (15–20mins/15km)
  • - Barcelona: €27.00(30mins/17.7km)
  • - Paris: €50.00 (40–60mins/34.42km)


  • - Pergamon Museum, Berlin: €29.00
  • - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: €18.00
  • - Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona: €5.00
  • - Musée d’Orsay, Paris: €12.00

Some considerations to make are activities that cost nothing. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have while spending no money in a foreign country.

Here’s What You Can Visit For Free:

  • - St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
  • - The Pantheon, Rome
  • - Schonbrunn Gardens, Vienna
  • - Gellért Hill Cave, Budapest
  • - War Museum, Athens
  • - Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
  • - Charles Bridge, Prague

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