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Be sure to find the best currency rates when you’re travelling to the UK. Don’t let a business or pleasure trip convince you that spending too much is OK.

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How Much British Pound Do You Need?

Think about the different activities you want to do while enjoying your trip. This will give you a basic idea about how much it will all cost.

Here’s a simple model that can give you an overview of everything: £284.57/person/day.

Average Hotel Rates In The United Kingdom:

  • - London: £172.57
  • - Aberdeen: £94.81
  • - Heathrow: £100.01
  • - Manchester: £99.34

Taxi Ride From The Airport To Your City Of Choice:

  • - London: £13.72 (30mins/45km)
  • - Aberdeen: £20.00 (2hour and 53mins)
  • - Heathrow: £40.00-£60.000 (60mins)
  • - Manchester: £50.00 (420km)


  • - British Museum: £23.00
  • - Tower of London and Thames River Sightseeing: £45.55
  • - Cornwall At War Museum: £10.00
  • - Natural History Museum London Guided Tour: £62.00

You may find that your time is limited, and leisure may not be your main objective. You can consider the following if you’re short on time. These options enable you to get in and out without any financial commitments.

Here’s A List Of Great Things To Do And See For Free:

  • - Natural History Museum, London
  • - Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln
  • - Roskilly’s Farm, St Keverne, Cornwall
  • - Cumberland House Natural History Museum, Portsmouth
  • - The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
  • - Guided Walks of Bath, Somerset
  • - The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland

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