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Travelling is a great way to learn more about the world and to enjoy different experiences. You do have to manage your money, however, and this begins with understanding how currency exchanges work. We’re here to help.

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Start by considering the currency calculator we have above. It’s there to give you the best overview of prices and to empower you with a unique lock-in feature. The challenge with currencies is that they change. You might regret it soon if you find great currency exchange rates today and don’t secure them before your trip.

Get Your Rupiah In These 2 Easy Steps:


1. Order Online - Find the rates you need, and then select the amount of that currency you want to buy. Complete your order via BPay or Account Transfer


2. Your wait will be no more than 5 business days before the currency of your choosing arrives at your doorstep. It’s that easy.

It’s important that you move with a little urgency. We guarantee your rates but only during the times when you submit them. Don’t wait too long just to find out that prices have gone up and that your cost has too. Remember that you can make a purchase today and never have to leave home. The money comes to you.

How Much Will It Cost In Total?

Start planning the itinerary of your trip in order to get a better trajectory on cost. The basic factors to consider are the amount of time you’ll be gone for and the type of activities you see yourself engaged in.

This equation has also been effective for travellers: Rp995.000.00/person/day.

Average Hotel Rates In Indonesia:

  • - Jakarta: Rp700.000.00
  • - Surabaya: Rp752.888.00
  • - Bandung: Rp371.000.00
  • - Medan: Rp280.000.00

Taxi Ride From The Airport To The City:

  • - Jakarta: Rp185.000.00 (45mins/30km)
  • - Surabaya: Rp100.000.00 (30mins/20km)
  • - Bandung: Rp285.000.00 (180mins/200km)
  • - Medan: Rp130.000.00 (45mins/40km)


  • - Museum Bank Indonesia: Rp5.000.00
  • - Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: Rp10.000.00
  • - Jakarta History Museum: Rp5.000.00
  • - National Museum of Indonesia: Rp10.000.00

Not everything will have to be expensive. In fact, some activities will give you memories for a lifetime and cost nothing. We’ve listed out some options to consider. Don’t feel like you have to spend every dime you bring with you.

Here’s A List Of Free Things To Do:

  • - Kuta Beach
  • - Borobudur Temple
  • - Pulau Weh Bay
  • - Tanah Lot Holy Site
  • - The Town of Ubud
  • - Lake Toba
  • - Bukit Lawang Trek

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