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Best Rates for JPY Currency Exchange in Australia

Are You Looking To Buy Some Japanese Yen?

You should search for the best currency rates for your business or pleasure trip. Cost can certainly add up if you haven’t taken the fluctuation of rates seriously. You’ve come to the right place for better managing your money.

What Does The Best Rate Mean To You?

It’s not every day that you’ll have this opportunity. Take this time to keep your cost in a manageable range. Start with the currency calculator above, and make sure that you never spend too much. You can compare us with other agencies for absolute confidence.

Get Your JPY In 2 Simple Steps:


1. Order Online and complete payment using BPay or Account Transfer. 


2. You will then find your order within five business days at your Australian home address.

Are you surprised at how simple this all is? Don’t gamble with currency exchange rates. They change every day and require that you lock in each price point. This is why we’re here. Our service enables you to find the right price and then ensure that you’re given that exchange when ready to set out on your journey.

How Much Yen Do You Need?

It’s important to decide on the amount you will exchange based on the time and activities you have in mind. Be sure to make a little room for any margin of error.

The best place to start is with a simple formula that looks something like this: ¥80,000.00/person/day.

Average Hotel Rates In Japan:

  • - Tokyo: ¥50,000.00
  • - Kyoto: ¥37,000.00
  • - Osaka: ¥8,000.00
  • - Sapporo: ¥12,181.00

Taxi Ride From The Airport To The City:

  • - Tokyo: ¥25,000.00 (60-90mins/63.56km)
  • - Kyoto: ¥23,000.00 (50-75mins/40km)
  • - Osaka: ¥20,220.00 (50-70mins/49.5km)
  • - Sapporo: ¥8,000.00 (35mins/50km)


  • - Tokyo Museum: ¥2,200.00
  • - Kyoto Museum: ¥1,000.00
  • - Osaka Museum: ¥400.00
  • - Fukuoka Museum: ¥200.00

There are endless things to do in Japan, and the best part is that you don’t always have to spend money. Consider these things when you’re short in your budget or don’t want any more financial commitments.

Here’s A List Of Great Free Things To Do And See:

  • - Hanabi: Japanese Fireworks
  • - Matsuri: Japanese Festival
  • - Public Sumo Practices
  • - Brewing Tour At Suntory Musashino
  • - See The Fish Market At Tsukiji
  • - The East Imperial Palace Garden
  • - See The Meiji Shrine And The Harajuku

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