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An Additional Revenue Stream for your Travel Agency - Currency Exchange Commissions

As Travel Agents you have close relationships with your customers as you get to share in their excitement as they plan their trip and help them to get maximum value. We are also committed to providing maximum value to Australian travellers and we have developed an innovative new currency exchange product which you can add to your inventory and generate additional revenue from.

Our research indicates that the two most important factors people consider when buying foreign currencies are convenience and rates. We’ve built convenience into our model by having customers order and pay for the currencies they want from the comfort of their own home and then have them delivered directly to their door within 5 business days. This model also keeps our overheads low so we can offer very competitive rates.

The key features of our service are;


Great rates




Secure payment and delivery

How Our Partnership Program Works

When you sign up with us you’ll be given a unique link to send your customers and audience to our website whereby any purchases they make will be attributed to you and you’ll receive a commission. Links can be included in any medium you use to communicate with your audience including website, social media pages and emails.

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