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Have You Considered How Much You Need?

Factor in all of the events you’ve planned and the amount of time you’ll be gone for. It’s wise to give yourself some room for error also.

Travelers will benefit by using a simple model as: NZ$364.00/person/day.

Average Hotel Rates:

  • - Auckland: NZ$204.00
  • - Wellington: NZ$80.00
  • - Christchurch: NZ$90.00
  • - Queenstown: NZ$133.00

Taxi Ride From The Airport To The City:

  • - Auckland: NZ$50.00 (32mins/24km)
  • - Wellington: NZ$41.35 (90mins/45km)
  • - Christchurch: NZ$45.00 (20mins/15km)
  • - Queenstown: NZ$25.00 (15mins/8km)


  • - Museum Of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa: NZ$20.00 - NZ$50.00
  • - Otago Museum: NZ$2.00
  • - Wellington Museum: NZ$29.00
  • - Auckland Memorial Museum: NZ$25.00 - NZ$110.00

There are a number ways for you to spend your time, and you don’t have to spend money for them all. These activities can be just as or more engaging than those where your pennies are requires.

Here’s A List Of Great Free Things To Do And See:

  • - Visiting Cape Reinga
  • - Fishing At Goat Island
  • - The Hot Springs at Kerosene Creek
  • - Rere Rock Slide
  • - Tongariro National Park
  • - Piha Beach
  • - International Dark Sky Reserve

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